6 Benefits of Slow Cooking Your Food

Meals for New Moms

New moms have a lot to contend with. Little sleep, the constant holding, feeding, and rocking, not to mention the potential chasing after of older children and any housework that needs to be done each day. And if the baby doesn’t handle evenings well, needing to be held between the hours of five and seven when dinner is usually prepared, it can make dinnertime a difficult proposition for the whole family.

That’s what makes a slow cooker so advantageous. Slow cookers can cook food over the course of 10 hours, but they can also be set to a higher temperature, allowing them to cook food over just a few hours as well. So a new mom who finds some time on her hands in the middle of the afternoon while the baby is napping can take just a few minutes to throw together a slow cooker meal that will be ready during the witching hour when it’s a lot harder for her to break away.

One Pot Meals Mean Fewer Dishes

Slow cookers not only take some of the stress out of preparing a meal; they can also take some of the stress out of the meal’s clean up as well. Many slow cooker recipes are one pot or one dish meals, meaning that the main dish and the sides are usually cooked together. Soups, stews, chicken and squash, lasagna, chili, and countless other meals that can be made in the slow cooker don’t require a second pot or pan to cook. This makes clean up much faster and simpler at the end of the day. And for those that truly hate cleaning up at the end of a meal, there are even liners made of aluminum foil that can be placed inside the slow cooker, sitting between the ceramic chamber and the food. Once the meal is done, just pull the liner out and there’s no clean up from the meal at all.